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ŠKODA Citigo wins with just 2.97 l/100 km
« Răspuns #1 : Septembrie 27, 2012, 10:02:45 a.m. »
​› The winners of the 31st ŠKODA Economy Run (2012) are Marek Tribula & Martin Kadlec in a ŠKODA Citigo 1.0 MPI 55 kW
› The winning team’s CO2 emissions were just 70.681 g/km
› 48 teams in total took part
› ŠKODA Citigo excelled on a 288.4 km-long route – 3 Citigos finished among the first four vehicles

Mladá Boleslav, 24 September, 2012 – The 2012 ŠKODA Economy Run was dominated by ŠKODA Citigo 1.0 MPI 55 kW as the most fuel-efficient vehicle. The average fuel consumption achieved by the winning team, Marek Tribula & Martin Kadlec, was just 2.97 l/100 km (equivalent to CO2 emissions of 70.681 g/km).
?"I wish to congratulate the winners, Marek Tribula and Martin Kadlec, on this great result. For 31 years, ŠKODA Economy Run participants have been showing how gently and economically it is possible to drive ŠKODA vehicles - and that is true not only for the current GreenLine vehicles, but for the brand’s entire model range," says Roman Havlásek, head of the event and also Head of ŠKODA AUTO's Customer Service Department.
The winners of the other categories are: Leoš Káňa of Svět motorů and his co-driver Josef Doležal with 3.29 l/100 km in a ŠKODA Citigo 1.0 MPI 55 kW (the best result in the Media group); Petr Horníček and Michal Freyvald with 4.2 l/100 km in a ŠKODA Felicia of 1997 (the best result in the Historic group). One of the innovations at the 2012 fuel efficiency race was the 'ECO Will' class for graduates of certified courses in fuel-efficient driving: the winners of this category are Jan Večeřek and Jan Kimla in a ŠKODA Citigo 1.0 MPI 44 kW with an average consumption of 3.29 l/100 km.
Traditionally, ŠKODA is the official partner of the ŠKODA Economy Run where only ŠKODA vehicles are eligible to compete. With the main focus on achieving the lowest possible fuel consumption in ordinary traffic, this year’s 288.4 km-long race saw altogether 48 teams from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia.
"We are very pleased that every Economy Run is followed by many Czech fans of ŠKODA and that teams from other countries take part as well," says Josef Pálka, the main organiser of the 2012 ŠKODA Economy Run and Chairman of the Automotoclub ŠKODA Mladá Boleslav. "We are very satisfied with the outcome and the results of this event."
The 2012 Economy Run started and finished in Kosmonosy, and ŠKODA AUTO’s Customer Service Department was responsible for technical operations, as well as for the preparation and checks of the vehicles. Furthermore, CSD provided all participants with necessary services in the Aftersales Service Centre, as well as in the new ŠKODA Service Training Centre. As usual, the 2012 race saw almost the entire ŠKODA model range, including the new ŠKODA Citigo that made its debut at this event and three of them finished among the first four vehicles.
The fuel consumption results achieved by the winners of the ŠKODA Economy Run (including in the past) demonstrate the traditional fuel efficiency of ŠKODA vehicles. As a rule, their average fuel consumption is around three litres of fuel per 100 kilometres. The 2012 Economy Run saw eight engine volume/type categories. Furthermore, the event offered special categories such as 'Media' for journalists, 'ECO Will' for graduates of certified courses in fuel-efficient driving, and 'Historic' for older ŠKODA vehicles that are no longer part of the current model portfolio.
Besides overall fuel consumption, the parameters assessed at the ŠKODA Economy Run include average speed and the difference between the actual and the standardised fuel consumption levels. The deciding factor in cases of equal fuel consumption or CO2 emission levels is higher average speed achieved throughout the race.
Visit (in Czech only) for the complete list of participants and the overall results.
Direct link to download the complete results (in Czech and in English):

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